Democracy Against War Now (DAWN)

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Capitalism has always in times of great uncertainty and where the system was in melt down, moved towards war.

Through the correct use of democracy, there is going to be a change in the system and once we all realize that we can use politics to bring about a change, we can use democracy as the majority rule to bring about a change that is best for all. Within this there are also going to be consequences, because the violation of Human Rights will certainly be investigated even only in a way like what happened in South Africa after the apartheid era, a forgiveness tribunal was established where what really happened was exposed, so that we all can learn from it and prevent it from ever happening again.

We suggest that we all get involved now, lets realize that there is a change in the awareness of the human being wherein slowly but surely, we are all having the realization that weve been taken for a ride through propaganda and through manipulation of the mind, which is a necessary and inevitable step to finally take the veil off our eyes. Rather than waiting until it happens which will place one squarely in a position where you may be perceived to have been part of the violation of Human Rights we suggest to act now and take action. Its going to take a lot of education and its going to take a lot of effort to help those that are stuck, which are the people with money the rest have been stuck because they dont have money and they have to focus on always getting money to survive day by day - but something is certain: this will not continue the way it exists now.

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